Natural Home Remedies for Lichen Planus

Lichen planus dermatitis is a painful condition accompanied by lesions or rashes. The symptoms may be present anywhere on the face, but are most distressing psychologically when they come out on the face.

After the early rash heals, blue, black or brown discolorations may remain for long periods of time. In some cases, the hyperpigmented areas are permanent. There are different causes of the condition. It is not contagious and not caused by any type of bacteria or further known pathogens, even though it is possible for the lesions to become infected by staph or other bacteria. In some cases, the rash is an allergic reaction to medications, for example those used to treat high blood pressure and arthritis. It is sometimes a complication of another disease, for example hepatitis.

Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus

Lichen planus can last for anywhere between a few of months and some years. This disorder can get cured without any medical intervention but it is vital to undergo treatment, to help skin healing. Here are some Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus includes are Castor Oil, Oats, Lemon Juice and some other home ingredients.

Stay Hydrated

For starters, you need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drinking plenty of water will help you get rid of harmful toxins. They help lessen swelling and prevent itching of skin.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has long history for being used as Lichen Planus Natural Treatment and natural remedy for inflammation.

Castor Oil

To get rid of lichen planus scars, apply castor oil on the spots for at least 1 hour. Use this method for 1 month to get results.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is an astringent, and will help dry the skin, without over drying. It as well acts as a protection against getting infections.


Make a mixture of egg whites with cocoa butter in one cup (Dixie sized cup) of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Then apply this mixture on the affected area for 30 minutes and then wash it.


Oats as well help soothe inflamed skin and stop skin from flaking. It induce a process called osmosis which help drain out fluids and pus from lesion planus.

Lemon Juice

Because of its antiseptic properties, it can help ease your itchy head. Lemon juice is as well high in phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cool Compress

Cool compresses provide an instant relief from the itching sensation, one of the common symptoms in Lichen Planus.

Natural Essential Oils

Natural essential oils are one of the best ways to cure lichen planus naturally. Essential Oils for Lichen Planus helps reduce the size of flat-topped bumps on skin and control severe itching.

Home Remedies for Lichen Planus

Here are Home Remedies for Lichen Planus you must try to treat painful inflammation at home.

  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Keep your mouth clean in order to stop infection
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly
  • Avoid eating spicy foods and anything acidic, for example fruit juice, because they can irritate lichen planus
  • Stay away from alcohol, citrus juices, zesty foods, crunchy foods and tobacco and tomato products
  • Avoid spicy foods, caffeinated beverages and acidic foods
  • Do some through relaxation activities, exercises or meditation to stay de-stressed
  • Neem is very helpful in this disease. Try to drink a glass of neem juice every day.
  • Avoiding sun damage is one of the primary ways to protect your skin.
  • Avoid using mouthwashes that contain alcohol because they may be too strong, and keep your mouth as clean as possible.

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